Sunday, November 04, 2007


Shiver Me Timbers

Is there any better indication of the grossly excessive US military presence around the world than this:
The U.S. Navy has said its aim is to remove Somali pirates from two foreign-flagged cargo ships it is monitoring off Somalia's coast, as one of the ship's captain reported that his crew was being treated well by the pirates.

The U.S. Navy engaged the North Korean and Japan-owned ships in recent days off Somalia's coast, at one point firing to destroy pirate skiffs tied to the Japanese boat.
So the US military is attacking pirates off the coast of Africa to help out North Korean and Japanese ships. Someone please tell me what business the US has being involved in this at all? It just goes to show that if you build a giant military machine, you end up using it no matter what, in places and circumstances (Iraq? Panama? Vietnam?) that defy logic and ultimately challenge the basic foundations of a democratic system.

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