Thursday, September 27, 2007


Most Favored Tyrants

Alright, so I've beaten this dead horse beyond recognition and I promise to bring it to a close with this post, but my ears almost started bleeding when I heard news reports about Bush's UN speech yesterday:
US President George W. Bush yesterday urged UN members to join him in a "mission of liberation", denouncing tyrants in Belarus, Burma, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Zimbabwe.

Speaking before world leaders at the 192-nation UN General Assembly, Mr Bush called on the world body to go back to its guiding principles under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to defend freedom and battle hunger and disease.

"When innocent people are trapped in a life of murder and fear, the declaration is not being upheld," he said.

Mr Bush urged "civilised nations" to help people suffering under dictatorships.
So let me see, tyrants in Belarus, Burma, Iran, etc. BAD. I got no problem with that. But for some reason he left out a few of the worst dictatorships including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and my new favorite whipping boy, Turkmenistan, whose president was actively courted by Secretary of State Rice at the same UN meeting where Bush called for a "mission of liberation" from dictatorship. Let's see, what do all these brutal dictatorships that Bush failed to mention have in common? They couldn't all be close US allies, because that would mean that his speech was a fraud. Oh, wait....

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