Friday, August 24, 2007


A Recipe for Moral Confusion

1) Invade a country to "prevent a madman from giving terrorists weapons of mass destruction" that UN weapons inspectors say are not even there.
2) Post-invasion, confirm that there are no weapons of mass destruction.
3) Change rationale for invasion to freedom, democracy, liberty for occupied country.
4) Face complex anti-occupation insurgency and civil war with massive casualties to population of occupied country.
5) Tell country you can't withdraw occupying forces for fear of civil war with massive casualties.
6) Slander people who opposed invasion and continuing occupation as defeatists; hang the prospect of civil war and associated mayhem around the necks of opponents of continued occupation.
7) Ignore all lessons of previous wars/occupations except those that give you phony moral high ground to slander people who oppose the continued occupation.

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