Sunday, July 01, 2007



It's good to know that citizens of North America aren't the only nutjobs going around worshiping spiritual figures on billboards and in old trees. OK, so it's not that surprising that this same kind of shit goes on in India. In this case, people walk, ride, and chopper through dangerous Kashmiri territory to see a stalagmite that they believe represents the Hindu god Shiva. Unfortunately, due to global warming and the collective body heat of the huge crowds that come to view "shivering shiva", the poor guy is melting. I guess it's better to have your earthly representation slowly melt than have it be eaten by a hungry three-year old, like grilled cheese virgin mary.

postscript: in case anyone thinks I'm losing my edge, of course I considered alternate titles for this post, including "Sitting Shiva" and "Shiva Me Timbers". But something about combining "stalagmite" and "stigmata" struck me as funnier, and you can only have one title.

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