Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Joe Lieberman: National Disgrace

During a speech last week in Columbus, Ohio, GWBush asked for more time to judge the "surge" in Iraq, telling the crowd that
we just started. [General Petraeus] got all the troops there a couple of weeks ago. He asked for 20,000-some troops, and I said, if that's what you need, Commander, that's what you got. And they just showed up. And they're now beginning operations in full.
So all the troops just got there a couple of weeks ago and we should give the "surge" time to work according to Bush. But that didn't stop the increasingly degraded and disgraceful Joe Lieberman from declaring it a success on the same day that Bush was telling the crowd in Ohio that operations are just beginning:
And, introducing these amendments at this time, in my opinion, is unfair—unfair most of all to the 160,000 Americans in uniform over there, brave men and women who in my opinion are the new greatest generation, and who are putting their lives on the line every day. They have made tremendous progress already in the so-called surge counteroffensive.
What could be more despicable, you ask? Well, in the same speech, Lieberman noted that:
General Petraeus has persistently appealed to us to have some patience, to not rush to judgment about the success or failure of the new surge strategy - and it's only right that we do so.
I repeat: "to not rush to judgement about the success or failure of the surge", as he had just done earlier in his own speech.

Mr. Lieberman, have you no shame?

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