Monday, March 19, 2007


Final Proof...

(as if any was needed) ...that I am a total science geek: this story really warmed my heart:
During a timeout in the first half [of the CalBerkely-Arizona St. men's basketball game], the public address announcer introduced the crowd to James Watson, one of several scientists responsible for discovering the structure of the DNA molecule.

Donning a green blazer, Watson soaked up probably the loudest applause of the entire game. “The Bench” chanted, in perfect unison, “D-N-A, D-N-A.” Only in a place like Berkeley, huh?
Now I'm not a particularly big fan of Jim Watson, especially after reading "The Double Helix" and the way he addressed this controversy, but the idea that a bunch of college students would give a scientist such a rousing welcome during a basketball game makes me hopeful and happy.

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