Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The "Good News" from Iraq

The headlines from one day on the english language website of Az-Zaman:
Iraq’s oil output shrinks as fuel shortages mount

‘National Day’ passes without festivity

Rebels in full control of Samarra, cleric says

Poverty chronic in Iraq

Iran becomes Iraq’s No. 1 trade partner, minister says

Oil Ministry in crisis, experts say

Minister says 89 professors killed; universities suffering from sectarian strife

Mosul governor turns to tribal leaders for help

Students killed in Tal Affar as security worsens

Engineering college dean killed in Baghdad

Ministry announces 1,000 new Ph.D. scholarships

Former minister warns of precipitous decline of oil sector; armed group vows to intensify attacks

Governor permits Mosul residents to carry arms as security worsens

Nine doctors killed in Mosul; 60 others flee
But wait, what about the 1,000 new Ph.D. scholarships?

They're for study abroad.

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