Sunday, December 25, 2005


Breaking the Law

I enjoyed watching two stories develop this week, both of which revolved around "breaking the law".

In one case, the insufferable Michael Bloomberg reminded us over and over again that the strike by NYC transit workers was "illegal and selfish". (Who better than a multi-billionaire to comment about the lawlessness and selfishness of people earning $45,000 a year?)

Meanwhile, our commander-in-chief and his minions were on the hustings bragging about having spied on US citizens who had the audacity to communicate with people overseas, and Bush defended his actions as "fully consistent with [his] constitutional responsibilities and authorities". We're further assured by the administration that the targets of the spying had "known links to al Qaeda and related terrorist organizations". These assurances carry a lot of weight coming from an administration that brought us the "dirty bomber", Abu Ghraib, and the Iraqi WMD fiasco.

So in one case, hard-working people fighting for a decent future are tagged as selfish lawbreakers. In the other case, the president egregiously violates US law for no apparent reason, but suggestions that the ninny-in-chief should be held to account for his actions are dismissed as "nonsense" by the Washington establishment. What a world!

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