Sunday, January 30, 2005


"Intelligent Design" goes Mainstream

In Time magazine's profiles of the "25 most influential evangelicals in America", we read the following about this couple:
The projects that savings-and-loan multimillionaires Howard and Roberta Ahmanson have paid for over the years...includ[e] an institute linked to the antievolution intelligent-design movement....
and this:
The couple have been accused over the years of having an extremist agenda, mostly because a onetime pet charity, the Chalcedon Foundation, advocates the Christian reconstructionist branch of theology that says gays and other biblical lawbreakers should be stoned.
So, apparently funding the "anitevolution intelligent-design movement" is not an example of their extremist agenda. In this crowd, you have to support stoning gays to be considered extremist. Yikes.

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