Friday, December 17, 2004


Those Poor Judeo-Christians

Check out this almost unimagineable interchange between two right-wing talk show hosts from Florida and the U.S. Secretary of Defense!
Q: [Inaudible] car bombs. One other thing and that’s about conducting a war where there’s a clash of cultures as there is in the Middle East between the Muslims and mostly Judeo-Christian group that’s representing us. It’s got to be awfully difficult to fight this war with one armed tied by political correctness.

SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, it is. First of all, it’s tough to fight any war, but when you’re in a part of the world that walks (sic) at life so differently than we do, it is difficult. On the other hand, Afghanistan’s a Muslim country and the success there is just an amazing accomplishment. So it’s possible to do that.

Q: Yeah. We weren’t talking about the PC forces abroad. We were talking about the PC forces behind our own lines [Inaudible].

SEC. RUMSFELD: [Laughter]
I'm speechless.

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